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Welcome to Pipedreams Cake Design, suppliers of special cakes for all occasions, and Wirral’s longest established celebration cake showroom.

We are based in West Kirby, Wirral, in the North West of the UK, and have been designing and supplying a unique range of cakes since 1989. Chester and North Wales, Liverpool and Manchester are all in easy reach - for an interactive map see visit us.

About Our Cakes

We design and make original and unique cakes - choose from a large range of wedding cake styles from any of our four main variations:

  • Traditional Royal iced designs
  • Modern soft iced with hand made flowers
  • Novelty cakes with fun themes
  • Chocolate cakes with Belgian chocolate couverture
  • Cup Cakes

Our design service covers all the styles above and more; we can incorporate your own ideas into any cake.

We are delighted to have had some of our designs published in some issues of Party Cakes and Wedding Cakes - A Design Source.

The Shop

Pipedreams showroom has over 90 cakes on display plus a dedicated chocolate showroom, showcasing over 25 chocolate creations.  The wedding albums hold over 800 designs and the Birthday albums hold over a thousand designs.  New designs are added weekly.  You are very welcome to pop in for a browse.  Appointments are not necessary.

About our Web Site

This is our second website, the first one was quite traditional, and to be honest a lot like every other website you may come across, so when we decided to create a new one to enable it to be compatible with all your “fones” and tablets, we thought we would make it funky and hopefully you would all like it as it reflects who we are; different, unique, fun, fast moving, homely and comfortable to be with!

However! We thought you might like a bit of an explanation over a few things! The illustrations have been created by a local but well known artist called Jim Fleming click on the clever link and see his artistry, he is a bit off the wall like us, loves music, plays lots of instruments, is massively creative, has done work for Medici, his art is all over the walls of Slinkey's Wine Bar (Banks Road, West Kirby) we could go on and on about him, but he would be embarrassed! We feel his contribution to our site has “Put The Icing On The Cake", Thanks Jim! Jim spent a while in our premises watching us work, taking photos and getting a feel for who we are, and the illustrations speak for themselves, we really are quite quirky!

Along the top of the pages are banners, there you can see Gordie, named after Gordon the Engine, he is our pastry brake, and he helps protect our shoulders, arms, wrists, elbows and hands from repetitive strain injury, he rolls out our icing and marzipan to the same thickness whatever the weather without increasing the temperature of the product, and makes colouring lots of icing a lot easier!

You can also see our chocolate machines, which mean we can use couverture and lots of it at one time without the need of temperature controlling the rooms. There is also a mad characterisation of Darthy, one of our mixers, so called cos his safety guard makes him look like Darth Vader, we have a small Darthy and a larger one, we couldn’t do without them.

Jim gave us wings as he said we were like little butterflies flitting here and there, he has also drawn characterised piping bags, we sometimes wish they would take on a life of their own, it would make our lives much easier!

We hope you enjoy looking around our funky web site.  If there is something we have missed please give us a call 0151 625 2659 or drop us an email help@pdcd.co.uk.  You will see that we have included a lot of pictures, these are just a fraction of some of the cakes we have made, the "tip of the iceberg" we have hundreds more designs in the catalogues in our showroom.  To "blow our own trumpets" we really do recommend you pop into our shop for a look around, we have over 90 cakes on display and well over 800 designs in our albums. We mustn't forget the chocolate room, here you will find "heaven" and over 25 chocolate cakes on display.

Facebook and Twitter

If you prefer to look at Facebook then hop on over to our page, we try (really! We do try) to keep the Facebook pages fresh and up todate, but sometimes our workload is so huge we just dont get a spare minute to get all techno, however, to save you wearing out your digits you can see our live Facebook feed on this page - don't forget to "like" us (we know how you get tired easily, poor youse!).  Oooops, nearly forgot, we are also on Twitter, tweet us at @pipedreams99

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